The Split Psyche

Call me Conundrum.

From XKCD: 'Pickup Artist' This webcomic can be decidedly on point, like reading a book of thorns.

The bitch of love-hate.

Love my words one moment, want to trash them the next. It's a question of moods, not mental critique. One minute I look at my words and love the imagery I've created and the expression of a theme. Then I... Continue Reading →

Rage is not worth my time.

I was going to write a long, furious post about my discovery of an 'MGTOW' (Men Go Their Own Way) YouTube channel this morning. From what I watched, it appears this movement is just a conglomeration of miserable men who don't... Continue Reading →

Dreamscapes of a drug.

I have an active and highly vivid imagination by nature, but for the last few months it has gone to extremes. Hyper-real nightmares that are hard to wake from, vivid colours and extremely detailed 'plots' that play out in my head as... Continue Reading →

The clouded path.

There is nothing. The vision of the future is obscured, the light shines on a small patch of path and the black fog is too thick to see past, the dim figures and maybes ahead invisible- who can say if... Continue Reading →

Today I realised: Red really isn’t my colour.

It's too bold, too brash, and has the quality of valour and force which I simply do not have. I like it, I am attracted by it. But I can't honestly wear it. It's a false shield, a declaration of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Spark: Primal Nature.

I am a lover of documentaries, and this week I have been watching copious amounts of cosmology and paleontology programs. I’ve had other weeks where the ebb and flow of human history has been my interest but this week I wanted... Continue Reading →

My kind of afterlife.

The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson We all came from stardust. And we return to atoms when we pass. I have no religious faith, I love the mythologies and visions of the afterlife that come from their teachings,... Continue Reading →

100 Words: Bones of affection.

100 Words: Bones of affection. My affection shrank away from a lap of bones, escaping skeletal arms once flesh wrapped around me, from white snagging splinters once fingers, from a mischievous smile now transposed into a skull hysterically grinning at its loathsome state of death. The scent... Continue Reading →

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