Snapshot in memory- emblazoned on synapses, embellished by desire for warmth.

Sunlight permeates a kitchen, yellow glow on table and chairs dreamed no longer rickety with age. Teapot on the table, cracked glaze nostalgia-sealed. Tea steams in mugs, swirling vapour the only movement in a place held still in time. Birdsong outside the silence. No human presence exists to cast a shadow in the light.

The dreamer will not enter for fear of damaging the taintless reminiscence.

Dark figure at the glass door. Obscured gloom casts the cracks and creaks back in to their places, dream overtaken by the now.

Drabbles are 100-word pieces of creative writing- usually based in fan-fiction, but I prefer original themes.

Theme ‘Teapot on a Table’ suggested by my friend Karen, skewed in to something else by me.