100 Words: Bones of affection.

My affection shrank away from a lap of bones, escaping skeletal arms once flesh wrapped around me, from white snagging splinters once fingers, from a mischievous smile now transposed into a skull hysterically grinning at its loathsome state of death.

The scent of her cigarettes and lapsang tea stagnated and soured in the decaying shrine of memory. Mould overtook the smoky notes sickening my child ghost that shrank away from the marrowless woman.

Still haunting the ruins of the flat, her Prussian feline jumped on her bones, hissed and spat- its love reserved for the skeleton I had to abandon.

With apologies to Princess Melanie, who gave me the lovely theme of ‘Sitting on Grandma’s knee’, and I turned it into something dismal.

Sorry Princess, my mind goes to dark places I never intend to visit. xxx