The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson

We all came from stardust. And we return to atoms when we pass.

I have no religious faith, I love the mythologies and visions of the afterlife that come from their teachings, but I’ve never been able to believe in them. I see no proof and until I get any, it’s a case of nonexistent until proven otherwise. I can’t believe in a thing just because I want it to be real.

But I have one idea about death, stemming from simple imagination and the scientific fact that our atoms originated in the birth and death of primal stars.

Imagine your atoms releasing the ‘consciousness’ contained within them as a whole, (it’s as close as I get to believing in any kind of soul) suddenly able to travel without hindrance, no physical matter to hold them back. A cosmos to explore. Endless wonders, with no human drama to mar it. A perfect heaven.

I don’t actually believe that this is real. I have no proof and wont let myself believe something unless it’s proven beyond a doubt. But it’s a wonderful afterlife to look dream about, and no one should be afraid of death if they get to dance through stars until all existence, all atoms fade, beyond countless eons.