It’s too bold, too brash, and has the quality of valour and force which I simply do not have.

I like it, I am attracted by it.

But I can’t honestly wear it. It’s a false shield, a declaration of an inner power I do not actually possess.

But its neighbour, the deep, dark pink-purple I overlooked seems to be the alternative I need, to fill the gap where the bold and dramatic colour I tried to impersonate used to be.

The deepness of the mulberry and wine represent a multitude of themes: poison, darkness, passion without the fatal heat personified by red- I feel an element of sadness and shadow in the affair. To me there is something more ancient, mystical about the deep jewel tones of mulberry than the brashness of red. It is colder than red, despite its deepness. Red scorches, while mulberry warms to who it will.

These are my impressions of colour. These are the expressions they present to me, and I surround myself with the colours that embody the inner spaces where creativity echoes.