I was going to write a long, furious post about my discovery of an ‘MGTOW’ (Men Go Their Own Way) YouTube channel this morning. From what I watched, it appears this movement is just a conglomeration of miserable men who don’t seem to be able to handle the modern woman and her independence- that we don’t kowtow to men anymore. These videos generalised women as all being money-grabbing, vapid bitches who only care about themselves. Wow. I wonder what happened to these men to make them hate the opposite gender so much. Men must hate those feminazis who generalise men as all being bastards, so why the hypocrisy, fellas?

This morning I became infuriated while perusing this channel that encourages men to hate women by putting the entire female gender into a tiny little pigeon hole of nasty personality aspects. It focused purely on the bad and said nothing of the good. I was determined to log on to WordPress to vent my spleen on this tiny part of the internet.

But after a nice walk to work over a beautiful green field under a warm sun with a pleasant breeze I feel infinitely better and have decided this attitude is beneath me. I am in office right now with men I get on with and who are wonderfully genial, polite and great to work with. I am not going to generalise these men as being hateful monsters or evil cheaters etc. just because a selection of men are still stuck in the dark ages. There is bad and good on each side, but to put down all because of a few bad apples is entirely wrong, and I don’t accept hypocrisy from either gender.

Equality means fairness, and that’s all.