The Split Psyche

Call me Conundrum.

100 Words: Still light.

Snapshot in memory- emblazoned on synapses, embellished by desire for warmth. Sunlight permeates a kitchen, yellow glow on table and chairs dreamed no longer rickety with age. Teapot on the table, cracked glaze nostalgia-sealed. Tea steams in mugs, swirling vapour the only movement in a... Continue Reading →

100 Words: Latecomers.

Facing up to your mistakes is a hard lesson. But making others pay for your inefficiencies is a cruelty. Another body should not move because you could not find your place in time. Raging against a rock the tide can't... Continue Reading →

History behind a dark mind.

I was feeling in a strange mood, helped by a pulsing headache and blurry eyes, a dark day and a badly-lit room, all conspiring to put me in an eerie self-made world of dark figures and otherworldly sensations, a nervous feeling... Continue Reading →

Haiku: Mating Season

He flirts and he screams: Snowbird in flurries Of bloody-feathered dreams.   With apologies to Basho.

I had lost this gif. I deleted it from my computer after years of using it as background on free Angelfire sites. I deleted it along with so many other images and writings that were part of an era I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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